Talking Dating and Relationships w/ A Pink.

8 May

Love and Relationships W/ A Pink.

Last month, A Pink made their debut with a sweet and innocent love song called “I Don’t Know.” With their average age being 18, most of the seven members are still a bit young to know what love really is. Star Today recently sat down with the girls for a unique interview on their ideas of love and relationships.

“Why are men always so hasty?” asked Hong Yoo Kyung. She says she doesn’t have any dating experience, and continues with, “Now that I’ve debuted, I kind of regret not giving it a try. After I joined our agency, there really was no opportunity for me to date anymore.”

She revealed, “Sometimes guys would say they like me and contact me too often, or give me gifts that left a lot of pressure. I become a lot more careful then, and eventually stepped back when the guy became too pushy.”

Jung Eun Ji, who’s probably the most tomboyish out of the group, explained that she didn’t understand why guys put up a front. “They think that they look cool when they put up a front, right? I don’t like guys who act all cool and tough. I seriously hate it when they copy cheesy lines from dramas as well, like ‘You’re an amazing girl.’”

Park Chorong, A Pink’s leader and ’sole adult’ asked, “Why can’t men understand why girls get jealous? Guys tend to think that we get jealous as a way of restricting them.”

Chorong continued, “Isn’t it definite that I’ll get mad and angry when I want to meet him over the weekend, but he cancels because he wants to see his friends? I understand that he has his own problems to deal with, but I don’t understand why he thinks I’m being overzealous.”

Maknae Oh Ha Young, who’s just entered her third year of junior high this year, also lacks dating experience. “I’m not that aware of my surroundings and don’t use a lot of aegyo, so my parents always tell me that it’ll be hard for me to get married. I used to have a really close male friend when I was little, but one day he suddenly confessed his feelings for me. I was really upset when I heard that and cried really hard because it felt like our friendship was over. I still don’t know..”

Kim Nam Ju, like leader Chorong, expressed her discontentment with men failing to understand what makes women tick. ”I really don’t understand insensible men. There are certain things that girls just want to hear, and it’s so easy to just say them. When girls say, ‘That movie looks fun’, isn’t it obvious that she’s implying that she wants to see it with him? When he replies with, ‘Yeah, that looks fun’, that’s a completely wrong response. It’s frustrating when they don’t even try to act like they haven’t seen a movie they already have for the girl’s sake. It’s definite for girls to get mad when all he has to do is think about her that much more and say something she wants to hear.”

Yoon Bomi also added to the girls’ long list of complaints: “Why do girls always have to make the guys confess? It’s really frustrating. If we don’t express ourselves first, they don’t even know that we like them. It’s not easy for girls to confess first, and it’s actually really embarrassing. I know it’s probably the same for guys, but if both parties really like each other, does he really have to wait for the girl to confess first?”

Like the other members, Son Na Eun doesn’t have dating experience as well. “It’s probably the same for other girls, but it’s really hard to step forward and express your feelings for someone first. It takes me a long time to get close with friends when a new school year starts.”

Na Eun continued, “I just have to open myself up to them a bit more and it’s so easy to get close, but it’s still really difficult for me. Maybe that’s why I haven’t dated yet. Would it be faster for me to learn how to get closer with people?”



Source: Economic Daily Star Today, Nate, Allkpop| Shared by: rawr6127

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