Park Kyunglim Resigns from ‘Starry Night’ Radio, Due to Health Deterioration.

8 May

MBC’s Starry Night Radio Program.

Known for being the voice of MBC Radio’s “Starry Night” for over three years, Park Kyung Lim has decided to retire her mic. Park Kyung Lim has been the radio DJ of ‘Starry Night’ since April 21, 2008; her show has since become a tradition for many listeners to tune into, as she shares many rich stories over the air. However, her health has deteriorated due to the late night broadcast of the show, and after much thought, she’s decided to resign.

According to the On Air Entertainment representative,

When Park Kyung Lim first took on the job as ‘Starry Night’s DJ, her health condition wasn’t very good because she had previously been working on another late night radio program, MBC’s ‘Shim Shim Ta Pa‘. However, she entered the entertainment industry thanks to an old corner on ‘Starry Night’ when she was a student, and so she took the offer.

She has worked on 3 late night radio programs over the past 8 years and both her stamina and health has weakened. She has always felt sorry to her family for not being able to take care of them as much as she would like to, and so after much thought, she has decided to resign. She plans to recharge as she rests so that she may return as a DJ with overflowing energy.

Park Kyung Lim herself expressed,

Once again, I want to thank the ‘Starry Night’ staff who gave me the opportunity to be the ‘Starry Night’ DJ, which I dreamed of becoming when I was younger; I also want to thank the listeners who shared their ups and downs with me every night. Now as a fan, I hope that it will become a radio program that gives dreams and hopes to its listeners.

Her final broadcast will be on May 8th and singer Younha will be stepping in to take her place.


Source: Sports Chosun, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

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