Girl’s Day Grabs 1st Place as ‘Best Girl Group Post-SNSD Era’.

8 May

Girl’s Day Places First.

From April 26th to May 3rd, DC Inside conducted a survey titled, “Which rookie girl group are you anticipating the most in the post-SNSD era?After 9,065 votes, the adorable ladies of Girl’s Day placed first with 1,903 (21%) votes.

 Girl’s Day debuted last year with “Tilt My Head“, and has been receiving attention with both their cute and sexy images.

2nd place went to miss A with 1,631 (18%) votes. This JYPE girl group had large interest from even before their debut and exploded with popularity with their debut song “Bad Girl Good Girl“. miss A revealed their new song “Love Alone” on May 2nd, and the girls also performed the opening act for Kim Yuna’s ice show.

A Pink came in 3rd place with 1,438 (16.4%) votes. Having only debuted in April, A Pink has captured fan boys’ hearts with their innocent fairy concept, and has been dubbed as “the second SNSD”. Even though girl groups tend to have a sexy concept in the music industry at the moment, A Pink has been promoting with their innocent and pure image.

Other groups on this poll include Dal Shabet, SISTAR, Rania, 5dolls, and others.


Source: MK, Nate, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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