Actress Han Yeseul Involved in a ‘Hit and Run’ Case.

8 May

 Involved in Hit and Run Accident.

Han Ye Seul was recently involved in a hit and run accident. A representative for the actress cleared up any rumors of wrongdoing, saying “The other driver filed a one-sided report.” On May 2nd, the actress was called to the police station for hitting the car of Mr. Do in her apartment parking lot without filing an accident report.

Mr. Do claimed that he could not move for the next two weeks because of the injuries he sustained from this ‘hit-and-run’.

SidusHQ stated, “The accident took place in Han Ye Seul’s apartment parking lot and the driver of the other car is the chaffeur of another resident. We’re sorry the accident happened but it wasn’t serious. It was a minor situation that involved hitting the other’s driver’s rear end with a rearview mirror. The report was filed one-sidedly, and we’re now working to reach an agreement.

A representative for Han Ye Seul stated, “She is going to the police on May 6th to give an eyewitness account of what happened. There are some questionable parts of the other person’s report so we’re going to provide CCTV videos as well as call histories. We’re sorry for causing a controversy.”

She added,”Han Ye Seul is preparing to film for KBS’s ‘Spy’s Full Moon‘ as planned.”


Source: Sports Chosun, Nate, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

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