Seo Taiji Apologizes to Fanbase for Keeping Quiet About His Marriage.

5 May

A Message to His Fanbase.

Seo Taiji’s management company released an official statement regarding his marriage and divorce with actress Lee Ji Ah today. Seo Taiji himself posted a message on his fan website,, speaking personally to his famously loyal fan base. The following is Seo Taiji’s personal statement. Note that Seo Taiji is his stage name and his real name is Jung Hyun Chul:

First, I would like to apologize to those who love me, for not telling you sooner. After I left many difficulties behind and retired back in 1996, I wanted to become the natural Jung Hyun Chul and not the musician Seo Taiji. I wanted to be an ordinary person, living a normal life to get married and raise children.

I wanted to protect a small shelter that I worked hard for, and ordinary life that was hard to get. I wanted to tell my fans first and be celebrated once I gained stability and confidence about my life. However, that life did not last long and I had to come back to Korea and once again become musician Seo Taiji after I separated with my partner after 2000.

She became a secret in my heart, as telling the world about someone that is no longer part of my life and is walking her own path would be unthinkable. Please understand why I could not say anything.

I feel apologetic when I think of those of you that are a having hard time because of the situation. However, you also give me support and that makes me feel something that cannot be described with the words “Thank you”. I learned much from this, and hopefully there will be a day when we can talk more casually. I hope to meet you again in good shape.


Along with the official statement, it seems that Seo Taiji’s side summed up their side of the story for now. Stay tuned  as the story progresses.


Source: DongA, Nate, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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