Rania Reveals Plans for US and Asian Advancements.

5 May

All Plans are Revealed.

Having just made their debut with “Dr. Feel Good“, Rania has revealed that they will be promoting in Korea for one more month before preparing for their advancement in the U.S. market this June. Representatives of DR Music spoke through TV Report and stated, “Rania will be focusing on their Korean activities through May before heading over to the States in June.”

Produced by Teddy Riley, music fans were already alerted that this girl group was created with the global market in mind. Considering Teddy Riley’s level of influence in the U.S. market, many are anticipating what the girls will be bringing to the table next.

According to DR Music, Teddy Riley will not be revealing what ethnicity the girls are for their promotions. “Teddy Riley will be promoting the girls through radio broadcast as the focus. The goal is to get into the Billboard, and he’s quite confident that the girls will be able to make it.”

The girls have a busy year lined up, as after their American activities, they’ll be going straight back into their Asian promotions in 10 different countries. Starting from July 9th, the girls will be performing in Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, and Singapore, before heading to China in September.

“The entire group will not be promoting together. They’ll be dividing into units of three to four members each so they can promote in different countries simultaneously,” representatives explained.


Source: Allkpop, Newsen | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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