Rainbow’s Woori Cast in Upcoming Drama, “You’re Into Me”.

5 May

Woori Cast in Upcoming Drama.

It was recently announced that actress Woori has been cast for the new upcoming MBC drama, “You’re Into Me.Based around a fine arts college, “You Fall For Me” is a melodrama that will illustrate a story about the main characters chasing for their dreams as they face problems with love, friendship, and young adulthood.

Taking hold of the megaphone will be director Pyo Min Soo, who is greatly known for his hit drama productions “Full house” and “Worlds Within”.

Woori will be playing the role of Han Hee Joo, a character who’s had a crush on Lee Shin (played by Yonghwa) ever since high school, as well as being Lee Gyu Won’s (played by Park Shin Hye) greatest rival and Yeo Jun Hee’s (played by Kang Minhyuk) ultimate crush.

With regards to Woori’s casting, director Pyo Min Soo expressed, “Woori reminds me of when actress Shim Eun Ha was still a rookie. I’m looking forward to what Woori can bring to the table throughout this drama production.”

Star Fox, Uri’s agency, also added, “Woori is honored to be able to work with Pyo Min Soo, a director she’s always respected since she was younger. She is currently working hard on her singing and dancing to properly show her role as Hee Joo.”

The pilot episode is set to air this coming June 29th.



Source: Financial News, Daum, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

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