Lee Jinah &Seo Taiji Agree on a $1 Million USD +a Settlement.

5 May

$1 Million USD +a?

Yesterday, it reported that Lee Ji Ah withdrew her lawsuit against Seo Taiji after he came out with a statement addressing their divorce. Turns out, the two had actually come together prior to the announcement for a settlement of $1 million USD + α.

On May 1st, a representative that is well-acquainted with this lawsuit revealed that Lee Ji Ah and Seo Taiji’s lawyers met several times to discuss a settlement in hopes of preventing the lawsuit issue from getting out of hand with the public.

He stated, “Seo Taiji’s lawyers offered $1 to $2 million USD, but Lee Ji Ah’s lawyers asked for $2 million USD. Both sides settled on an agreement of $1 million USD + α.”


Through Star Today, representatives of Seo Taiji commented, “Rumors of a settlement being reached are unfounded. We did not even know that Lee Ji Ah had withdrew her lawsuit beforehand. We do not want anymore rumors being made by third party sources.”


Source: Star News, Star Today, Nate


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