I Am A Singer Sets New Elimination Rules +Considers IU &Yang Heeun.

5 May


 I Am A Singer Gets New Rules.

MBC’s ‘I Am a Singer‘ will be changing it’s rules so that there will be one elimination round every 3 weeks. Shin Jung Soo met with reporters on April 29th and revealed,

After the 7 artists receive their mission song and contest to be ranked, the singer with the lowest ranking will have to make room for a new singer using a survival type convention.

Because judging legend-like vocalists based on one performance was too difficult, a change has been made to the number of performances.

According to producer Shin Jung Soo, the artists will perform twice every three weeks. Their final rankings will be a summation of their scores for both performances. Singers who place last for both performances will have to give up their spot to another singer. Rankings will continue to be based on the votes of the live audience at each performance

He continued,

Through the 3 weeks of practice and 2 harsh competitive performances, the 7 singers will be showing their perspectives on both live performances and stories. Please anticipate for there to be honest stories made through ‘I Am a Singer’.

I expect for the performances to go beyond the competition to an upgraded level in which it is more like a ‘musician’s celebration’.

The new head of MBC’s “I Am A Singer”, producer Shin Jung Soo, has listed the names of singers he is trying to recruit to the show.

I’ve contacted IU and Yang Hee Eun,” said producer Shin at the show’s press conference which was held on the 29th at the MBC studio in Seoul.

‘I Am a Singer’ does not have a policy on who can appear on the show. “I don’t count out idols,” said Shin.

However, he also added that he will not bother someone who disagrees with the survival aspect of the show. “I don’t see the need to force a singer who disagrees with the survival notion,” said Producer Shin. He added, “We ask them if they agree with our system at the interview.”

He also mentioned, “No singer on the show is perfect and anyone can appear as long as he/she agrees with the survival aspect.”

In addition to IU and Yang Hee Eun, Shin is also currently recruiting an indie band. “I can’t say who. For every ten people we contact, six of them show interest but four say the show doesn’t meet their professional goal.”

‘I’m a Singer’ currently features the original singers, Lee So Ra, Park Jung Hyun, Kim Bum Soo and Yoon Do Hyun, and the new contestants, Kim Yeon Woo, Im Jae Bum and BMK. The new episode airs on May 1st.



Source: Star News, Nate, Allkpop, Daum | Shared by: rawr6127

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