KARA Trio Comes to Agreement w/ DSP Media, Drops lawsuit +Apologizes &Asks Fans.

29 Apr

KARA Will Continue As 5.

KARA’s Nicole, Seungyeon, and Jiyoung have officially reached a compromise with DSP Media today, finally putting an end to their months-long lawsuit. On April 28th, a representative of the industry spoke through SPN and stated, “Under the arbitration of Tae Jin Ah, the lawyers of KARA’s three members and DSP Media have reached a final compromise.”

Tae Jin Ah said, I have received signatures agreeing to a compromise from both parties; please congratulate this achievement. I would like to thank all of the fans that have worried over the situation.”  DSP Media announced,All disputes between DSP Media and KARA’s three members have been resolved, and we have all reached a compromise where KARA will be able to continue promoting as five.”

They continued, “We discussed mainly about KARA’s future, and an agreement was reached where the three would drop their lawsuit without any conditions. We would like to thank our fans for supporting the girls without change, and promise to work hard to show improvement.”

Ask for Time Before Next Comeback?

After resolving 100 days worth of disputes, DSP Media officially announced plans for KARA’s comeback through a press report released on April 29th.  They stated:

“DSP Media and KARA have both been able to stand before our fans with a more mature and closer partnership than before. Although everything has been resolved, DSP Media would still like to apologize for causing concerns amongst KARA’s fans.   We acknowledge that we are forever in debt to you.

KARA will be returning when they feel that they are able to properly treat the wounds of their fans. We will be working our hardest to make sure that our fans can see that we’ve turned the past misfortune into our advantage.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank the various associations and entertainment/media representatives for sending us their support.”

Jiyoung’s father also spoke with the producers of SBS’s “One Night in TV Entertainment” and stated, “The three kids needed to work and promote but they couldn’t. They went through a lot of emotional difficulties so we all felt that it’d be better to just resolve everything with DSP Media.”

When asked for specific details, he replied, “Both parties shared what we could, and although there might be a disparity with each individual, our compromise was something that satisfied all of us.”

On the members themselves, he concluded, “They all said that they’re okay. It will be awkward for a bit, but everything will be okay once time passes.”



Source: SPN, Nate, Newsen, Nate, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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