Open World Entertainment Spends $100,000 on Rookie Group, X-5’s Clothing.

28 Apr


$100,000 Spent Just like That.

Open World Entertainment has revealed that they’ve spent $100,000 USD in producing X-5’s outfits. Although they’ve earned headlines for having an average height of 186 cm, it seems creating outfits for these five lanky boys isn’t as easy as the rest. Representatives of Open World stated, “Outfits and accessories change with every concept, so there’s a bit of a difference in the expenses for each of the concepts. On average, however, one outfit costs about $1,500 to $2,000 USD to produce.”

The boys have shown a total of four concept outfits so far: two different suits at their showcase, a ‘fantasy’ leather outfit for their “Music Bank” debut, and a white see-through look for their “Don’t Put On An Act” performance.

There are still three outfits left, including one made of velvet. The boys will wear them once and monitor the reaction each garners. Outfits that don’t garner a positive response will be swithced out or changed for an additional three outfits that are waiting on standby for this purpose. In total, they have 10 outfits, and with each costing up to $2,000 USD, it costs a total of $100,000 USD to clothe each of the five members.

Representatives stated, “Their outfits are an important factor in showing the charms of the individual members, so we paid extra attention to them.”

So who’s in charge of producing this mass of outfits? None other than Kang Bo Eun, who also works for the artists of SM Entertainment. She was the exclusive stylist for Fly to the Sky for six years. Now that she styles for X-5, she revealed that the area she pays attention to the most is their height.

Kang Bo Eun stated, “The members are not only tall, but have extremely long arms and legs. We can’t get off-the-rack clothes for them, so our main area of interest was to bring out the positive points of their physical traits.”

Fans can look forward to what the boys will be wearing next, as X-5 will be performing on all three of the public broadcast music programs this week with their title track, “Don’t Put On An Act.”



Source: Sports Chosun, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

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