Information on Seo Taijii’s Relationship w/ Lee Jinah Uncovered 15 Yrs Ago?

28 Apr

Information Was Actually Uncovered?

Korea still hasn’t recovered from the shock surrounding the secret marriage of music legend Seo Taiji and actress Lee Ji Ah. While the fans of those stars are rolled up in blankets grieving, the more curious breed of netizens started digging through the vast world wide web… and found quite a story: A Sports Seoul news article from November 20th, 1996. The headline? Seo Taiji is getting married (to a Korean American student on December 24th). Remember, this is from 1996, which was 15 years ago. Around that time in late 1996, it was not long after Seo Taiji announced that his legendary band (Seo Taiji & Boys) would be breaking up and he would be going into retirement. So how did Sports Seoul strike the gold, dig it out, and show the world… just to ultimately find out that nobody believes their story?

The path that they took went like this; the chief editor of Sports Seoul at the time was Mr. Lee Ki Jong. He received a phone call from a Korean in America telling him that they see Seo Taiji frequently in disguise hanging out with a girl who appears to be his wife.

So he started digging deeper, until he got in contact with one of Lee Ji Ah’s relatives, who told this individual that the couple is getting married and only relatives from Lee’s father’s side are invited. The relative described Lee as a fine young lady who is smart, beautiful, and talented.

Mr. Lee sensed that this was something big. How big? Look at the picture of the article. The main article with Seo’s face in it, it’s huge. Even the letters are huge with headline color scheme being red and yellow. That is the kind of colors the press usually uses to describe emergency, like code red. That headline means business, still not convinced? The little, tiny, overlooked article to the right with a girl’s face slapped on it is about Shin Eun Kyung, one of the top actresses at the time, getting arrested from a multi-hit-and-run while drunk without a driver’s license. That is breaking many crimes at once, and would have made a major headline story if Seo Taiji article wasn’t there.

The point is, Sports Seoul thought they hit the jackpot.

Seo Taiji, however, didn’t like the article one bit. He and his management company called it defamation and showed their outrage at Sports Seoul. And Seo Taiji is not just some ordinary musician; he is the legend whom many consider the godfather of Kpop. He’s still big now, but he was much, much bigger back then (like Michael Jordan in his prime). Did Sports Seoul want to mess with the number one star in the industry, his company, and the lawyers in their pockets all at the same time?

Apparently not, the flashy headline was taken down. Its glorious rein of red and yellow lasted a mere few hours. People probably talked about it for a few days after that, maybe even a week or two, but eventually everyone forgot that it ever existed. Until now.

Stay tuned  as more information on Seo Taiji and Lee Ji Ah develops.


Source: MyDaily, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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