After School Releases 2 Comeback MVs; “Shampoo” &”Let’s Do This”.

28 Apr

AS Release Their Comeback MVs.

Earlier today, After School released their first official albumVirgin“. Following the release of their “ShampooMV teaser, Pledis Entertainment has released the full version of their music video. Also with the Shampoo MV they also Released the MV for “Let’s Do This”, So Please Check them Both Out.

In the MV for “Shampoo”: Although this song will mark E-Young’s official debut with After School, in the music video, Raina stars as the new trainee in the group that is preparing for her debut. And it looks like After School will be tap-dancing for their comeback track and there will be another music video coming soon –

[Did this Make Sense to you? Don’t Chu think Eyoung should have been placed as the role of the New Girl?, What Up with that?]

“Let’s Do This” – After School MV.

 In the MV for “Let’s Do This”: This MV doesn’t have much of a story though as it just shows the girls performing their full tap dance routine after rehearsing and preparing for it in the earlier “Shampoo” MV.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for After School’s first comeback stage on Music Bank tonight!

Source: Allkpop, Youtube | Shared by: rawr6127

– M



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