Yoo Soyoung Explains the Reasons for Her Departure from After School.

27 Apr

So She Now Speaks..

On April 26th, actress Yoo So Young sat down for an interview with Star News and revealed the real reason behind her departure from After School. Back in 2009, Yoo So Young departed from the group after promotions for their second single, “Diva“, came to an end.  Since she was a highly popular member, the news came as a shock to fans, leading to rumors of discord with both her After School members and Pledis Entertainment. For a year and a half, she stayed out of the media’s eyes, which only strengthened the speculations behind her withdrawal.

Yoo So Young stated:

“A lot of people think that it was because I was excluded from the members, but that really frustrates me. I wasn’t an outcast at all. I, too, always thought bullying to be the cause when other idol group members departed, but after being put in the same position, I realize how wrong I was. I wasn’t bullied, nor was that the reason behind my departure.

After completing our promotions for ‘Diva’, I began taking acting lessons.

When I was preparing to became a singer, learning how to dance for two to four hours was so difficul, but in contrast, acting was so much more fun.

I could learn acting for four hours and it’d feel like only five minutes had passed. My major was already acting, and I finally realized then and there that my dream was to act, not sing.

In order to realize my dream of becoming an actress, I had to make the difficult decision of leaving the group. I’m not young anymore, so I knew that I had to make the decision as early as I could. I went through a lot of pain by leaving the members, but I’m so thankful towards them.

We still hang out together and even monitor for each other. I’m still close with Jooyeon and Jungah, and even Raina, who was a trainee at the time I was in the group.”


Yoo So Young is currently starring in KBS 1TV’s “Women of Our Home“, which marks her official acting debut.


Source: Star News,  Nate, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

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