X-5 Holds their 1st Showcase +Interview.

25 Apr

Korea, Get Ready for X-5.

Korea’s got a new boyband on the scene, and they’re aiming to cause an impact in the pool of upcoming debut artists. X-5 is a 5-member idol group under Open World Entertainment that’s comprised of members Gun, Haewon, Sulhu, Zin, and Tae Fung. On April 20th, X-5 held a showcase to introduce themselves to the public before their official debut. Zin stated that he has the role of rapper, Haewon stated that he’s got the visual eye-candy role with his ’smouldering eyes’, Gun is the leader of the group, Tae Fung is the main vocalist, and Sulhu is the maknae (youngest).

During their interview, they were asked about their height. Zin revealed that he is 189cm, to which the audience gasped in awe. Haewon stated that he is 186cm. When Gun stated that he is the shortest at 183cm, MC Nam Hee Suk joked, “Wow! That’s so short! How do you live amongst these guys?”, drawing much laughter from the crowd. The group explained that Gun is the tallest when he goes anywhere else, but amongst them he’s the shortest. Tae Fung said he’s 185cm, and Sulhu stated he is 188cm – drawing more wows from the crowd.

X-5 was also asked about their goals as a group. Haewon stated, “Our ultimate goal is to make our name known around the world. Also, our first goal is to win the newcomer award.” As for their title song, Gun revealed, “This song was made to match our color, choreography, and image. The song is about being betrayed by a girl and not ‘putting on an act’ about the hurt feelings.”

They went on to perform more songs and dances, displaying their skills before an impressed audience and demonstrating the time and effort they put into perfecting their debut.


; Showcase Part #1.

; Showcase Part #2.

; Showcase Part #3.



Source: Allkpop, Youtube | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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