Untouchable to Release 1 Last Single Before Enlisting +To Include Rookie Artist, Oh Jinsuk.

25 Apr

One Last Single Before..

Hip hop duo Untouchable have revealed their plans before they enlist with the military later on this year.

On April 23rd, TS Entertainment revealed, “Untouchable’s Sleepy and D-Action will be enlisting in the army this summer. There isn’t a confirmed date yet, but they have decided to enlist together on the same day.”

In order to present fans with one last gift before they head off for their two years of mandatory service, the two are reportedly in the studio producing their next album. Representatives continued, “As it’s their final promotion cycle before they enlist, they’re more determined than ever. They’ll be meeting with their fans more often, so please look forward to it.”


The duo recently headed over to Hong Kong to film their new music video, and shared a photo of their whereabouts to make their comeback seem more official with their fans. Pictured above are D-Action, Sleepy, and a new figure in between against a strong orange background.


TS Entertainment stated, “Untouchable’s new album will feature rookie vocalist Oh Jin Suk. He’ll be joining them in their promotions on music programs, so please look forward to the three.”

A digital single featuring new songs is scheduled for May 4th, which will be followed by a full promotion cycle.




Source: Star News , Naver, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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