Seo Taiji Shocks the Entertainment Industry on His Secret Marriage to Actress Lee Jinah.

25 Apr

14 Yrs, and No One Knew.

Korea’s reeling in shock over recent reports of a marriage between Seo Taiji, (39, real name: Jung Hyun Chul) the legendary father of K-Pop, and actress Lee Ji Ah (33, real name: Kim Sang Eun). The shock was compounded even further after it was revealed that the two are currently in the midst of getting a divorce and are parents of two children.

The couple managed to hide their marriage from the world for 14 years, and it has really caught everyone by surprise because of the duration. Lee Ji Ah had always kept her personal information strictly separate from her celebrity profile so that industry representatives and fans couldn’t catch on.

Lee Ji Ah only became an actress in 2007 after getting the main lead role in “The Legend” and was really a surprise choice especially as the male lead was Bae Yong Joon and it was a blockbuster drama.

Lee Ji Ah’s recent public relationship with “Athena“ co-star Jung Woo Sung was been speculated to be the reason behind their sudden divorce. The industry eventually caught on when reports began circulating of the couple’s second court appearance on April 18th.

Although Lee Ji Ah asked for a divorce by mutual agreement, the actress was eventually forced to take it to the courts once Seo Taiji refused to meet her with a compromise. Currently, each party has four lawyers working for them, which is said to be an exceptional case for a family court lawsuit.

Representatives of Jung Woo Sung announced, “We have checked the reports regarding Seo Taiji and Lee Ji Ah, but we know nothing of it.”

Lee Ji Ah’s agency, KeyEast, has reported, “Not only did we have no idea about the lawsuit, but we had no idea of Lee Ji Ah’s marriage to Seo Taiji. We are currently unable to reach contact with her.”


Source: Sports Seoul, Naver, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

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