MBLAQ’s “Your Luv” Tops ‘Chaku uta’ Charts +Reveals Album Covers.

25 Apr

MBLAQ’s Makes a Promising Hit in Japan.

The powerful, bad boy aura of idol group MBLAQ is quickly enveloping Japan, as G.O, Seung Ho, Lee Joon, Thunder, and Mir prepare to make their mark in one of the world’s largest music industries with their debut on May 4th. The group is already well on their way to a promising debut. After releasing their title track, “Your Luv“, in ‘chaku uta’ form on April 19th, MBLAQ propelled themselves to the #1 spot in just a few hours.

 (The ‘chaku uta’, for those of you who aren’t familiar with it, are songs you can download through your cell phone (Ringtones) ; consequently, there’s a chart that records the number of downloads for each new release, much like the ‘Oricon‘ chart.)

Their coupling tracks, “Into the light” and “Daijoubu“, have also been released in ‘chaku uta’ form.

“Your Luv” will be released in 3 different versions: ‘A-type’, ‘B-type’, and ‘C-type’.

‘A-type’ will feature a DVD with the PV for “Your Luv”, a 12-page booklet, a slipcase, and a chance to win a ticket to an upcoming event for the single. ‘B-type’ will hold the same contents, except the DVD will feature a special off-shot called “MBLAQ in Japan”. Finally, the ‘C-type’ will not feature a DVD, but a jacket underneath that will feature one of six random photos.


<A-Type – CD+DVD>
+ “Your Luv” Music Video (DVD)
+ Slipcase
+ 12 page photobook
+ Entry to win ticket to event

<B-Type – CD+DVD>
+ “MBLAQ in JAPAN” Offshot (DVD)
+ Slipcase
+ 12 page photobook
+ Entry to win ticket to event

<C-Type – CD-only>
+ Alternate jacket (one out of six random photos)
+ 12 page photobook
+ Entry to win ticket to event

01. Your Luv
02. Into the light
03. Daijoubu
04. Your Luv “less vocal mix”



Source: Allkpop, MBLAQ JP Official Site, Musicman-net | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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