Kim Kisoo Reveal His Feelings +Result of Trial.

25 Apr

Kim Kisoo Reveals All.

From the time comedian Kim Ki Soo was accused of sexually assaulting someone, Kim Ki Soo has spent his time filled with misery and hopelessness. SBS “One Night’s TV Entertainment”, which aired on April 21st, revealed information on Kim Ki Soo’s trial, that was held on the 20th.

The show also interviewed him about his feelings of what he had to go through.

Kim Ki Soo stated, “First off, they declared that I’m innocent. I’m so glad that the misunderstanding has been resolved. To this point, I had a really hard time and I even had extreme thoughts.”
Kim Ki Soo was declared innocent because there was no credibility to the statements of person A, the person who was supposedly sexually assaulted by Kim Ki Soo.

After this issue happened, I tried to kill myself. Although it the accusations were false, I had nightmares thinking that public opinion and ultimately the trial would decide that I am guilty. If that happened, I thought I could no longer live in Korea. I seriously thought about immigrating to somewhere else.”

On the other hand, Kim Ki Soo stated after some time to overcome his past hardships, he will return back to the entertainment world and give everyone laughs once again.

For those who do not know about this situation, you can read more about the case here.



Source: Newsen, Yahoo! Korea, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

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