Kim Ilwoo Suffers a Nose Injury During Filming.

25 Apr

Kim Ilwoo Suffers an Injury.

It was recently reported that actor Jung Il Woo had suffered an injury to his nose during the filming of his current SBS drama, “49 Days”. Viewers and fans became aware of his nose injury during the broadcast of the 12th episode on April 21st, where a bright blue bruise on the bridge of his nose was clearly visible in one of his scenes.

Jung Il Woo’s agency, NOA Entertainment, came forward to explain, During the recording of the 12th episode, Jung Ill Woo suffered an injury that caused a severe bruise on the bridge of his nose. Despite the pain, Jung Il Woo decided to finish his filming before heading off to the hospital, where he was later diagnosed with a crack in the bone of his nose. Currently, his nose is suffering severe bruising and swelling, but due to his filming schedules, he is currently unable to receive immediate treatment.”

They continued, “Jung Il Woo himself doesn’t want to impede or cause difficulties to the filming schedule, so he has been covering the bruise with make-up for the time being. This method does have its limitations, so it’s inevitable for his bruise to show up on screen. We hope for the viewers’ understanding.”


Source: Money Today, Star News, Daum, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

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