CHI CHI On Dieting, Rehearsals and Future Goals.

25 Apr

CHI CHI Speaks With JoongAng.

CHI CHI has been fighting amidst fierce competition with other girl groups in order to join the ‘A Class’ line-up of girl groups at the top. For the past year, the seven members have trained intensively for 12 hours a day in singing and dancing. They also went through strict dieting to achieve the Barbie doll-like bodies they have today. In their recent interview with JoongAng, the girls aimed to connect with their fans on a more personal level, so check it out below.

Q. “It’s been about a month since your debut.  How does it feel?”

Ji-U: “It doesn’t touch us as deeply as we are worried. We’re always nervous about making mistakes every time we get up on stage, and we’re also so busy checking out the popular celebrities at broadcast halls. It was really cool seeing the TVXQ seniors.”

Q. “Do you dorm together?  Girl groups usually don’t have any privacy.”

Semi: “We do, we live in a villa in Nonhyun-dong, Seoul. Ever since we began our training, we decided to put aside our private lives. Our agency also has our cell phones so we really don’t have the time or opportunity to do anything else. At night, we rehearse and go back to our dorms to play games or practice gags.”

Q. “How long do you rehearse?”

Su-i: “We rehearse from 9 AM to 9 PM every day. In the morning, we receive three hour personal vocal lessons before lunch and then practice our choreography together again at 5 PM. At 7 PM, we receive personal dance training and then receive vocal lessons again until we check out.”

Q. “You’re all so skinny, is it the result of strict dieting?”

Nara: “It was tearfully painful. Every time we headed in for work, we’d weigh ourselves. If we had gained even 100g of weight, we’d have to watch out for our CEO so we didn’t even drink a sip of water before we went on the scale. We eat a simple Korean style breakfast and lunch, and lettuce for dinner. There were so many different diet foods that we came up with, like wrapping grape tomatoes in sesame leaves. What’s great about debuting now is that we’re done with diets. They let us eat since we need energy to sing live, it truly feels like we’re living life now.”

Q. “Since it was so difficult, did you ever want to quit?”

A-zi: “There were so many times that I cried wondering why I was living such a hard life, not being able to eat what I wanted to eat. It was an endless cycle where I’d cry to the point where I’d lose any will and stuff myself full of food. After seeing my weight gain the next day, I’d get sad again and the cycle repeats. Still, I couldn’t give up my dream of becoming a singer.”

Q. “Future goals?”

Boreum: “Whenever we see our SNSD seniors, we’re immediately put in awe. Stage performances, singing, they’re always impressive. We work hard every single day in order to one day be like them.”



Source: JoongAng , Nate, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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