Wheesung Attacked by Random Assailant on Stage.

22 Apr

Wheesung Attacked By Random Stranger.

Wheesung was recently threatened by an unknown assailant during a live performance, shocking the public just days after Taeyeon’s ‘kidnapping incident’. On April 19th,  a representative from Wheesung’s agency made a statement,

 “At the time, a man went up to the stage and attacked Wheesung. He considered it as just a minor incident and responded to it calmly and completed his performance.”

The representative continued angrily, “Thankfully, Wheesung was not injured but we did not receive any words of apology from the broadcasting company in charge of the performance. It was not an informal event; it was a rather big performance hosted by a broadcasting company and we wonder why the security was so loose. All singers, not just Wheesung, are participating in minor events around the nation but their security is compromised due to this lackadaisical environment.”

While Wheesung was performing “With Me” on April 8th, the assailant calmly walked onto the stage and tried to kick the singer. Though it was obviously a jarring moment, Wheesung was able to regard the incident in a cool manner, and managed to showcase his professionalism by finishing his performance.

Considering the shock everyone felt after Taeyeon’s abduction incident, Wheesung’s experience caused an increase demand for tighter security.


Source: Allkpop, Youtube, Sports Today | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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  1. samsilver April 23, 2011 at 11:33 pm #

    omg ?? why

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