JYJ Become Honorary Ambassadors for “World OKTA”.

22 Apr

JYJ are Honorary Ambassors.

On April 18th, the members of JYJ were appointed as the honorary ambassadors for “World OKTA“. In celebration of its 30th anniversary, the trio made an appearance at the ceremonial event which was held at the Sheraton Walker Hill Hotel. 

The boys were appointed as honorary ambassadors before a crowd of 1,000, including President Lee Myung Bak, before going on to put on a congratulatory performance.


A representative of World OKTA stated, “JYJ, who are global leaders of culture and the Hallyu wave, fit best with World OKTA, who also aims to open a Hallyu generation of economy all over the world.”


JYJ commented, “We’re glad to be chosen as honorary ambassadors for an organization that raises awareness for Korea and contributes to the economies of both Korea and the world.  With World OKTA, JYJ hopes to spread awareness of Korean culture and aid in the effort of advancing globally.”


Source: Youtube, Allkpop, TV Daily | Shared by: rawr6127

– M



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