Jellyfish Entertainment Clarifes Plagiarism Accusations on Brian Joo.

22 Apr

Jellyfish Entertainment Explains Accusations.

Brian Joo has been facing some accusations of plagiarism lately, and his agency came forward to explain their position on the issue. Jellyfish Entertainment revealed on the April 18th, “The song in question, ‘The Components of Tears’ is a song that we got from Drew Ryan Scott, and is the same song that’s uploaded on YouTube.”

They continued,  Overseas composers sometimes upload their songs on YouTube or on a similar website and sell their songs. We are sorry we did not recognize this earlier, and caused confusion for those who believed that Brian plagiarized the song.”

Some netizens believed that Brian’s main song, “The Components of Tears” was directly copied from Drew Ryan Scott’s song, “Domino“; the confusion spread even further when they discovered Brian’s track, “Domino (The Components of Tears)” on the same album. As it turns out, Drew Ryan Scott is credited for both “The Components of Tears” as well as for “Domino”.

The entertainment agency wrapped things up and stated, As we always have done, Brian and the rest of the agency’s artists will always promise to meet their fans with the best and beautiful musics.”


; Drew Ryan Scott’s Domino.



Source: Allkpop, Youtube | Shared by: rawr6127

– M



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