Dara is Officially 2NE1’s Communications Director.

22 Apr

Dara = 2NE1’s Official Communications Director.

2NE1’s Dara has been promoted to become the official ambassador for her own group! Dara’s known for delivering quick updates on everything regarding her and 2NE1, and has always been praised by representatives of YG Entertainment for her communication skills. Her quick updates have consequently earned her a new title as 2NE1’s official communications director.

On April 18th, she announced through her Me2day, “Hello, this is 2NE1’s cute vocal Dara. I have news to tell all of you!  I have finally become 2NE1’s communications director. YG Entertainment has even made me my own certificate of appointment. Should I get my own desk at the office? Dara’s first task as 2NE1’s communications director is making Park Bom’s ‘Please Don’t Cry‘ daebak.”

She continued, “Dara is officially working two jobs now! A singer and communications director… I’ll be working hard until the day I advance into an advertising executive! I’ll be working from my desk at 2NE1’s dorm as a freelancer for now. Blackjacks, I’ll be communicating and always delivering news to you. My first day starting work, I feel nervous, please support me!”


Source: Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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