Coupang Apologizes f/ the Recent Incident that Occured @ the “Angel Price Music Festival”.

22 Apr

An Apology is Given.

Social commerce business ‘Coupang‘ has released an official apology regarding the incident that occurred with SNSD’s Taeyeon at the “Angel Price Music Festival“.  Through their official homepage, Coupang wrote:

“First of all, we would like to bow our heads and apologize for worrying SNSD, all of SNSD’s loving fans, and the customers of Coupang.

This music festival was the launching event for ‘Angel Price’, and under Angel Price’s request, Coupang handled the concert’s ticket sales. Unfortunately, Coupang was inadequate in the way we sold and distributed the tickets. There was also an unfortunate incident during SNSD’s performance which disturbed our customers and SNSD’s fans. Due to everything listed above, Coupang will be taking full responsibility of the issue.

As such, everyone who bought tickets through Coupang will get a full refund. We will work our best to make sure that such an incident does not occur again.

We would like to apologize once again for the incident that occurred at the ‘Angel Price Music Festival’, and promise to become a Coupang that works even harder.

Thank you.”

Netizens have been showing a cold response towards the apology, and although Taeyeon herself has stated that she would not be pressing charges, netizens feel that the concert failed to protect an artist that they had invited.

Many have been leaving comments of criticism towards the site, such as,Money is not the issue anymore, it’s unfortunate that the company is trying to pass the issue over with just a refund”, and “What would they have done if something had really happened to Taeyeon?”

On a lighter note, comedian and the show’s MC, Oh Jung Tae has found himself thrust into the spotlight overnight as he is regarded by SOnes all over the world as a ‘national hero’ for saving Taeyeon from being manhandled even futher during yesterday’s incident.



Source: Sports Chosun, Nate, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

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