Click-B’s Oh Jonghyuk Enlists to the Marines.

22 Apr

Click-B’s Oh Jonghyuk Enlists.

On April 18th, Click-B’s Oh Jong Hyuk officially enlisted for the marines through the Pohang Marines Training Camp, where he will be receiving five weeks of training before being dispatched. Before he enlisted, he revealed, “I’m the one who volunteered for the marines, but now that I’m here, it feels surreal. But I’m confident that I’ll be able to complete my service.”

When asked how he feels about cutting his hair so short, he replied, “It feels empty, but I also feel refreshed. A lot of people have told me that it looks good on me so I feels great.”

Oh Jong Hyuk continued, “I’m not scared of my enlistment, but I am disappointed in not being able to see the people that have been by my side all this time. I’ll be returning with a more mature side of myself.”

Attending the event were his parents, as well as fellow Click-B members Woo Yun Suk, Kim Sang Hyuk, and Ha Hyun Gon. He stated, “In the morning, I gave a deep bow to my parents before we headed to the camp. My father used to be a soldier for his career, so his advice helped me a lot.”

After completing his basic training, Oh Jong Hyuk will be serving in the marines naval band. Although he was inspired by his father to go volunteer as an active duty soldier, various issues (such as the results from his physical tests and lacking school attendance records) have held him back.


Source: Allkpop, Newsen | Shared by: rawr6127

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