Global Girl Group Rania Adds New Chinese Member, Lee Jo.

19 Apr

Let’s Kindly Welcome, Lee Jo.

Rania has been making ripples in the music industry with their controversial material, and it was revealed today that the seven-member girl group will be adding one new lady to their ranks. Meet Lee Jo (original name: Chang Yi Jo/Yi Jiao/常一娇), the new twenty-four year old member who has worked in China for various endorsements and features in the past.

Reports revealed that Lee Jo was a last-minute addition to the group, hence her absence in live performances and promotions. However, one of the early promotional pictures does depict Rania with eight members, implying that she was already preparing to debut with the others soon.

Despite her current absence, Lee Jo did participate in the music video filming and can be glimpsed in the original and re-released versions of the Dr Feel Good music video, which features the revised track with a second set of lyrics. Although her appearance is brief, you can spot Lee Jo at the 2:15 mark:

; “Dr. Feel Good” – Rania.

For some general information:

Korean Stage Name: Lee Jo
Real Name: Chang Yi Jo / Chang Yi Jiao / 常一娇
Birth Date: June 16, 1987
Weight: 49 kg | Height: 170cm
Her Blood Type is: Type B
Talent: Playing piano, Dancing, Acting, Taekwondo
Favorite Sport: Taekwondo

We also get a first look at Lee Jo through her previous work, including starring in Mando-pop singer Yang Kun’s Platform (站台/Zhantai) MV and a commercial for flooring:

; Yang Kun’s Platform (站台/Zhantai) MV.

; CF/Commerical Ad for Flooring.

Although this new member is unquestionably pretty, we still have no videos of her singing or dancing, so many fans have their judgments reserved for this new member’s performance skills. Furthermore, it is unclear when Lee Jo will be making her first appearance, as we have yet to hear any official announcements from Rania’s agency regarding this matter.



Source: Allkpop, Youtube | Shared by: rawr6127

– M



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