SE7EN Extends His Contract with YG Entertainment.

18 Apr


SE7EN Extends His Contract.

Following Big Bang’s contract renewal earlier this month, labelmate Se7en has also extended his contract for another two years with YG Entertainment. This is the second time Se7en has renewed his contract under the agency, as he had done the same back in 2006 without a deposit.

Yang Hyun Suk emphasized, “We’re a family. As hard as it is to enter YG Entertainment, once you get in, we do our best until the end. I am extremely thankful to both Se7en and Big Bang for choosing us once again.”

The producer went on to reveal that he had told the members time and time again to speak up whenever they had any problems either with their careers or their personal lives. The members would often go to him with a collected opinion and he would work his best to accommodate them.

Se7en’s decision for renewing, however, is to “set ablaze the last moment of his youth with YG before he enters the military.” Yang went on to say, “For Se7en, we have a lot of projects lined up, like international promotions and movie appearances.”

He emphasized again, “My opinion also remains the same on not allowing my artists onto music programs and concerts that are not capable of satisfying or bringing out the talent of my artists. This opinion will never change.”

Big Bang and Se7en also renewed their contracts for the staff members that they had grown up working with. From top composers like Teddy, to video managers and stylists, they revealed that they were more than satisfied with working with the best of the best of the industry.



Source: OSEN, Naver, Allkpop | Sharedby: rawr6127

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