Music Agencies Complain about Strict Girl Group Regulations.

18 Apr

Music Agencies Complain about Regulations.

If 2010 was about controversies regarding girl groups and their stage outfits, then 2011 is shaping up to be about girl groups and their choreographies. Unfortunately, there’s no clear regulation that stretches across the board, and so they shift according to every new press report. The music programs themselves are showing contradictions as to what to allow and what to ban.

4minute, Rania, and Brave Girls had to revamp their choreography and outfits in order to perform, and although it was due in part to the controversy created online by viewers, voices opposing the change have begun to emerge.

Teddy Riley
expressed his disappointment over the change, and recently stated, “No matter what, I can’t understand these standards.”

He’s not alone though, as other representatives from major music agencies have begun to complain about the contradictory regulations put out by music programs.

The issue stems from the fact that these music programs will allow it the first time, and then suddenly use their regulation powers if a controversy brews online. The sudden change not only causes bigger expenses since the agency must now design another batch of outfits on such short notice, but creates room for errors as well, since choreographies are overhauled the night before.

One representative of a major agency stated, “Even in countries halfway across the world, fans watch our music programs live now. In such a global generation, it’s absolute nonsense that these music programs are nitpicking at the exposure of belly buttons and certain dance moves instead of looking at the essence of the performance as a whole.”

Unfortunately, agencies have no option but to comply with the unclear regulations, as failure to do so will result in zero chances for public exposure and promotions.

Source: dongA via Naver


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