Lita’s Explains Her Dream &Story on Debuting in Korea.

18 Apr

Lita’s Long and Hard Road to Korea.

A new rookie solo by the name of Lita (19) has emerged, and she’s brought a long a unique story to tell as well. She comes to Korea by the way of Thailand based on her love for K-pop alone, and despite having to start with knowing virtually nobody in a foreign country, she’s managed to not only debut, but find a dream of becoming the next Yoon Mirae as well.

In her broken Korean, she explained, “Ever since I was little, I dreamed of becoming a singer. I always listened to Korean music while growing up in Thailand and came to respect Korean artists. One day, I received a great opportunity to debut as a singer in Korea, and that is how I came here today.”

Lita was first discovered by the CEO of Ye Eum Entertainment back in 2009 when she performed at her high school festival. After being cast, she didn’t hesitate before flying straight to Korea under the complete support of her parents. Prior to her official debut, she participated in concerts for Drunken Tiger, Yoon Mirae, and Leessang, and even featured for Taiwan’s K.K.

After working with producer Y.K. for two years, she finally released her debut mini-abum, “Who Cares“, on March 30th.

Although Nichkhun greatly influenced her decision on becoming a singer in Korea, it was actually Yoon Mirae’s “Memories” that sealed the deal. “After listening to her song, all I could think was that she was just amazing. I was determined to become a singer like her because I was so entranced with the charisma she exuded on stage.”

This being her third year living in Korea, she was asked to describe what the experience was like, ”It’s not difficult at all. It’s a bit hard to communicate, but I’m enjoying everything and having a good time. It’s too early for me to call myself a singer, so I hope to continue showing improvement. Please look forward to Lita’s success!”


; Her Debut Performance on “M Countdown”.

; Her Inspirtion to become a Korean Singer was this Song.



Source: Allkpop, Youtube | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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