Park Miso Stars in Jay Park’s “Abandoned” MV +New Teaser Pics.

18 Apr

Jay Park with Park Miso..?

It was recently revealed that Jay Park teamed up with Miss Korea 2010 contestant, Park Mi So, to act as a couple for the music video of his upcoming song, “Abandoned“. Despite his busy schedule, Jay Park managed to complete the filming of “Abandoned” at two different sets, with Hong Won Gi taking the director’s seat. Hong Won Gi is well known for creating quality music videos for top stars like Seo Taiji, TVXQ, Super Junior and B2ST.

Jay also tweeted on the 15th, “Just wanna take the time out to say something bout my album, i spent the same amount of time and put the same amount of effort in writing and recording every song. i didn’t want everyone to just listen to the title and not really care about the other songs, i wanted each and every song to be a classic in its own way and i want this album to be a classic album, a real piece of artwork that i put my everything into. Even if its not the most successful album still want them to be good songs and songs that i’m proud of. Songs that you wont get sick of even if you hear it a 100 times for many months!! This music is the music i want to do most importantly and the music that represents me, HOPEFULLY you all enjoy it when it comes out in a couple weeks.”

He also added, “Oh yeah when you listen to my songs turn the volume loud so you can hear every little thing!! haha thank you for givin me this opportunity LOVE YALL.”

Fans are also anticipating the choreography for “Abandoned”, as internationally renown dancer Andrew Baterina was given the position of main choreographer.

Jay Park’s music video and album are slated for a joint April 27th release.


Source: BNT News, Allkpop, TV Daily | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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