IU Looks like Shin Bongsun +Singing to a Future Boyfriend.

18 Apr

IU’s Resemblances to Shin Bongsun.

“I think I’m resembling Shin Bong Sun more and more.” This is what singer IU confessed during a photo shoot as a guest on KBS2’s “Entertainment Weekly“. On this day, IU spoke about her nickname, ‘Bong Suhee’, which came about because of her resemblance to comedian Shin Bong Sun.

Smiling, IU stated, “Even when I think about it, I think I’m resembling Shin Bong Sun unnie (older sister) more and more.” She even showed her affection for Shin Bong Sun when she said, “I really like and respect Shin Bong Sun Unnie. I will contact you often, so please answer my calls.”

When the topic of her astounding popularity amongst soldiers came up, IU modestly stated, “I think that even if it isn’t me, the army oppas (older brothers) like all the idols in general.”

Meanwhile, the interviewer, Dong Kyung Wan also asked IU about which song she would like to sing to her future boyfriend. To this, IU replied, “Personally, I like Tim sunbaenim’s Lullaby‘. Don’t couples do these kinds of things often over the phone? I want to say goodnight by singing him ‘Lullaby’.” She sang one verse of ‘Lullaby’ with her sweet voice – lifting the spirits of everyone in the studio.


Source: Sports Today, Xports News, Nate, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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