Yonghwa &Minhyuk Feel Refreshed Over CN Blue’s Lawsuit Ending.

17 Apr

No More Worring for Yongwha &Minhyuk.

Earlier this week, the Seoul Central District Court officially ruled that CNBLUE’s “Loner” was not plagiarized, ending a year of heated allegations between their composers and indie band, Ynot.

Sitting down for an interview with Star News, CNBLUE’s Yongha stated, “I feel really refreshed that a year later, it’s finally been revealed that ‘Loner’ was not plagiarized. Aside from all of that, we’ve always worked on our music with sincerity, and that will hold true for our future as well.”

Minhyuk continued, “I feel like I can go anywhere now and be confident. It feels great that ‘Loner’ was revealed to not be a plagiarized track, and the response for our new album is positive as well. Please look forward to not only our album promotions, but our acting as well.”

CNBLUE’s agency concluded, “From the start, we were sure that the song was not plagiarized. It’s a great feeling to have that acknowledged by the court. We do not have any ill feelings towards Ynot for making those allegations to begin with.”


Source: Star News, Nate, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

– M


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