The Brave Girls On; Their Debut, Brave Brothers +Standing Out.

17 Apr

Brave Girls Finally Get Interviewed.

Brave Brothers has put his name on the line for his own girl group, Brave Girls. Despite debuting with a flood of other girl group debuts and comebacks, Brave Girls outshined most just for being under the name Brave Brothers alone. That doesn’t mean the girls don’t have their own experience to back them up though. From Miss Korea titles to extensive dancing and vocal training, the girls are comfortable and confident with their skills.

That begs the question: what sets them apart from the other April girl groups?  CHI CHI, Rania, 4minute, Rainbow, and others have all set out this month to pave their own way, so what’s their secret to standing out?

The girls replied, “Since we’re produced by Brave Brothers, people probably expected us to come out with a dance track. We feel like our title track, ‘Do You Know’, made a surprise attack. Our song also has a very androgynous charm that appeals to both girls and boys, so we feel like we have a fair chance at capturing the hearts of female fans.”

Despite their confidence, the girls were rookies at heart, which reportedly showed in the way they blushed at some questions and the hint of nervousness in their voices.

On their debut stage for “Music Bank“, the girls were met with a live accident that many probably had no idea about thanks to the way the girls professionally handled it. Due to a staff member’s mistake, one of their recording devices faltered.

They explained, “We were surprised, but thankfully it didn’t show on our faces. Since it was our debut stage, we thought we’d all be really nervous but it was a lot more fun once we actually got on it. The moment of stepping onto something you waited all your life for.. it can’t be described in words.  Our hearts just swelled up.”

When asked whether they were ready to compete against the flood of other girl groups, they replied, “We hope that it’s just friendly competition and that we can all help each other out so that we all do well. Having gone through trainee life and finally standing on stage now, we realize how hard it is to truly become a singer. We all worked hard, and it’s not only the win that is remembered, so I hope that we can all achieve great results together.”

The girls are still competing for the rookie award this year. It will definitely be a heated one with the massive influx of other debuts.

The members stated, “The competition will be fierce because of so many debuts, but it’s an award that you can only win once in your life time. We really want to earn it because it’ll be an award that both gets our name known and acknowledges us for who we are.”

In short, the girls aren’t aiming for the physical trophy itself, but everything it entails. What they’re aiming for isn’t a win, but to be recognized as musicians.

They continued, “Now that our promotions have officially begun, we’re going to be running without rest, but we still want to study hard and participate directly in the production of our music. Our goal is to have our fans listen to music that was created strictly by Brave Girls and to have them watch us grow into musicians.”

Do they feel the pressure of the Brave Brothers label? The girls nodded their heads immediately.

Brave Girls concluded, “It was because of the pressure that we were able to focus more on our training. Although it’s pressuring to be known as Brave Brothers’ group, it’s also a big honor.”



Source: Star News, Nate, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

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