Shinsadong Tiger Praises Upcoming Girl Group, Blady.

17 Apr

Tiger Praises Upcoming Girl Group, Blady.

Another girl group, ‘Blady‘, is joining the flood of debuts this year, and like many others, they’re boasting the support of big names. Hit composer Shinsadong Tiger, who’s known for producing for B2ST and 4minute, recently took the time to express praise for this rookie group.

Comprised of four members, the girls are currently preparing to debut this May under a production team named Flaming Potato. Shinsadong Tiger reportedly watched over their training process and revealed that they possess a passion unlike any other.

He stated,I was interested from the moment the Blady members began their training process. Their passion and skills definitely stood out from the many girl groups debuting these past couple of months. They have enough talent to compete for the rookie award at this year’s year-end ceremonies.”

SY6 Entertainment’s CEO added, “These four unique members have come together to form a group named Blady. They’ll be holding their debut showcase next month. In anticipation for their debut, the members have been sleeping three hours a night in order to devote everything else to their rehearsals.”



Source: TV Report ,Nate, Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

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