KEPA’s Dream Concert Broadcasted Via. KBS this Year.

17 Apr

Dream Concert Via. KBS

The Korean Entertainment Production Association (KEPA)’s annual run of their “Dream Concert” has always been broadcast through SBS. Their recent switch to KBS, however, has sparked some discussion amongst fans as to whether there is some discord between KEPA and SBS.

On April 15th, president An Jung Dae of KEPA stated, “It is true that we’ve partnered with SBS for our ‘Dream Concert’ for quite a while now. But we do have history of working with MBC in 2002. This year, we chose KBS because the conditions fit.”

He continued, With the natural disasters affecting Japan, we had talks of doing the concert differently this year as a form of respect to the country, and KBS fit best with that. Moreover, we had asked for 120 hours of broadcast time, which KBS was readily able to comply with.”

Unfortunately, another report made on the same day revealed that representatives of SBS were angered over KEPA’s sudden switch to KBS and that they were now forcing restrictions against artists associated with the KEPA.

The list of participating artists are yet to be officially confirmed.


Source: Star News, Nate



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