Shannon from ‘Star King’ gets Signed to Core Contents Media.

22 Jan

Signed Via. Star King?

After causing quite a stir as a talented singer from the UK on “Star King“, Shannon has signed with Core Contents Media.

On January 22nd, Core Contents expressed, “After watching her on ‘Star King,’ we were very interested in her due to her talents and her lovable face. We decided to sign her.”

 Shannon appeared on “Star King” a total of three times last year and earned the nickname of “4 High Notes” because she can hit notes that most singers are unable to hit.

She’s only thirteen but her career is already blooming.

Here she is; Take a Look.

; Shannon on ‘Star King’ Dancing to Genie with SNSD +Acting.

She is the child of a British father and a Korean mother, and she attended a performing arts school in the UK and learned how to act there. She’s been doing musicals since the age of seven.

Kim Kwang Soo, CEO of Core Contents Media, said, “I want to raise Shannon like the second BoA. She has a lot of potential and talent.”

She has been living in Korea these days and will start training to become a singer.




I believe Her Last Name is; ‘Williams’, but I’m not 100% Sure.

She is Completely Fluently in English, Borning Born in the UK and All, but after her Parents Divorce sh has come to live with her Mother in Korea, she it Currently able to speak and understand Korean, although there is always room for improvement. She Sings in Both Languages as Well.

She Preformed a Love Song for SHINee’s Taemin but in the Middle of it she fell to her knees and began crying.

She Still Continued to Sing, because this was all part of her ‘Acting Skills’ Performance.

Later, more Skills were shown, Excluding Tap Dancing + Singing Opera. Wanna Check it Out? Watch Below.


Source: Allkpop | Shared by: rawr6127

– M



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