miss A’s maknae Suzy & IU Confirmed for ‘Dream High’.

3 Nov

IU and Suzy for Dream High? 

Singers IU and Suzy from miss A have been confirmed to be the newest cast additions for the upcoming KBS 2TV teenage drama, “Dream High“. Representatives from the drama spoke with two separate media outlets on November 3rd regarding the casting decision.

A spokesperson of “Dream High” disclosed to Newsen that, ”It is true that IU has been cast for the drama. The decision has been made but the contract has not yet been written up. It’s difficult to say what will happen since castings change even during script readings.”

He went on to state, “However, she has expressed a desire to become an all-around entertainer.” Although IU has been slotted a supporting character, she will no doubt utilize this first acting experience to expand on her skills – particularly since the role she’ll be tackling will be that of a singer

miss A’s Suzy is also under similar circumstance, as disclosed to Asia Economy by a different representative from “Dream High”. The spokesperson revealed, “Although Suzy has yet to sign her contract, her casting has been confirmed. She will be finalizing her character and begin filming by the end of this week.

Suzy will be playing the role of ‘Hyemi‘, a young arts student with strong pride who is also the love interest of 2PM Taecyeon’s character, Jin-guk.


Source: Allkpop, Asia Economy + Newsen | Shared by: rawr6127

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